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  • 100 New Moon Rituals

    Plants and candles being lit with a long match.

    Moon rituals aren't new by any means, but they are definitely making a comeback. Full moon and New moon rituals in particular are becoming more common. It makes sense that we might want to modernize our New Moon rituals a … Continued

  • How to use herbs for grounding.

    Herbal medicine is undergoing a dramatic resurgence as the health consciousness movement grows, as both a viable alternative to Western medicine and in response to increasing drug prices in the United States. With the US listed as the most anxious … Continued

  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Health by the End of the Year

    Don't wait til the New Year to overhaul your health. These small changes can help you get on the right track!

    If you're not quite on track to meet the health goals you set for this year, you might be tempted to forget the whole thing until the New Year rolls around again – don't! Any time can be a great … Continued

  • 10 bedtime rituals for healthy sleep

    Adopt these bedtime rituals to sleep better + improve your overall well being.

    Sleep is one of the most important weapons in building a healthy lifestyle.┬áIf you'd like to enhance your overall wellness, it's important to put intention behind your bedtime ritual. Consider adding the following tricks to your bedtime ritual. 1. ElectronicsIt's … Continued

  • Is our crystal obsession destroying the planet?

    The crystal craze has no end in sight. But what are the ecological impacts?

    Crystals and crystal healing started getting crazy popular last year and there's no end in sight for this upward trend. Carried, coveted, and instagrammed by those who love them for their beauty, health, and spiritual benefits, the crystal industry saw … Continued

  • How to upgrade your skincare routine for fall

    This time of year, the main focus for most of our skincare routines is preventing dryness, cracking, and irritation. Here are a few shifts you can make this during Fall to keep your skin healthy.   Use a Thicker Moisturizer  Even … Continued

  • Lavender Face Tonic

    Using a toner is a crucial skincare step, but it's one people often skip. Toner helps to remove the excess dirt, oil, and makeup that usually builds up on your skin during the day. It also primes your skin for … Continued

  • Roasted Pumpkin Kale Quinoa Salad

    Roasted kale quinoa pumpkin salad in a white bowl.

    Pumpkin, kale, and quinoa are all nutritional powerhouses. Pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A which supports healthy eyesight and skin. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth; it provides many nutrients such as potassium, … Continued

  • 7 alternative sources for high quality meat

    The benefits of alternative sources for high quality meat are vast. Conventional meat sources come with many pitfalls that alternative sources do not, such as the use of antibiotics and hormones in animals, animal cruelty and abuse, environmental degradation from … Continued

  • DIY Beeswax Wrap

    I'm a big fan of beeswax wraps as an eco-friendly packaging option for leftover food or DIY beauty products. Not only are they great for wrapping up food, but they're also a great way to reduce waste in your home. … Continued