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The holidays are fast approaching & if you're planning on giving handmade gifts, it's time to get crackin! I honestly have not even started my gifts yet so I need to get moving on that. Here are few simple bath and body items you can make! They don't get any easier than this.

Spa in DVN

All natural vapor rub.
This gift works well for ANYONE – it only has 2 ingredients and is super easy & quick to make.


DIY lip balm
Another well received item that you can customize with different flavors. There are all kinds of recipes for this scattered around the web. My favorite is this honey lip balmย with olive oil, cocoa butter & sweet orange oil. YUM.


DIY body oil
Just get some pretty bottles, fill them up with sesame oil and add whatever essential oils you think the recipient would like the smell of! I like ylang ylang + vanilla for women and vanilla + cedarwood for men. You can also make one with just a few drops of lavender oil to give as an all natural baby oil.


DIY bath salts
You can use plain old sea salt or invest in some dead sea salt – either way! Just fill a jar (use one that can seal airtight like a mason jar) with salts, add a few drops of whatever essential oils you'd like, and shake it up really well until it's completely mixed. I'm probably going to delegate the jar-shaking process to my toddler.

As always, you can get supplies for all of these recipes at Starwest Botanicals.


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  1. Stef

    I had no clue bath salts were so easy! I’ll definitely make some for my girly friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

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