How To Bring A Dying Plant Back To Life

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Perhaps the biggest problem that gardeners and plant care-takers have faced for years is what to do when a plant begins to die. Unfortunately, plants can seem fine one day but be near-death the next. 

It is important to act quickly in order to save a plant from dying. Following are the signs of a dying plant and what you need to do to fix it before it is too far gone.

Consistently Prune Your Plant

When a plant goes un-pruned it can be tricky to tell what exactly is causing it to die. The first step when you go to work on a plant should always be to prune away dead or excess leaves.

While it depends on the plant, there is an effective way to tell if the leaves are dead or alive. Take your fingernail or a blade and peel away the top layer of the leaf. If it is brown then feel free to trim it.

However, if the leaf is still green inside it can be rejuvenated. Further, the more lively leaves your plant has the better its chances of recovery, so be sure to only trim dead leaves.

Check For Dehydration & Overhydration

If you are not cautious, it can be easy to over water your plant. If your plant has droopy yellow leaves, you are overwatering it. If this happens, simply skip watering it for a day and routinely check up on it.

If your plant starts to wilt out of nowhere, it may be dehydrated. Even the most dedicated of gardeners might find their plant dehydrated. If the leaves or stem of your plant are dry and brown, then it is in need of water.

Sometimes plants can become dehydrated due to a problem with the plant absorbing water. Dig around the soil and check to see what quality it is. If the soil is dry and hard then water the soil directly until water begins to seep out the drainage hole. In addition, be sure to water your plant's leaves directly to quickly and effectively rejuvenate it. 

Ensure Your Plant Has Enough Humidity

Some plants also struggle with dehydration due to a lack of humidity. This can be easily fixed by placing a pan or pot of water and rocks underneath your plant. The water will rise up and humidify the plant which can greatly help to keep it hydrated.

Adjust How Much Sun Your Plant Gets

Sunlight, and getting the perfect amount, is crucial to the success of your plant. Be sure to check and make sure that your plant is getting enough sunlight. If it is getting too much sunlight, be sure to put it somewhere where it will receive less time or intensity of sunlight.

For many gardeners, watching as a plant dies is an awful experience. Rest assured, however, that we are not powerless to stop the wilting of a plant.

With careful examination and some work it can be a simple process to rejuvenate a plant and bring it back to its former glory.


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