How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar

Not Coffee!!
I found this photo on Flickr, but I have the same coffee pot and the same dirty stove so it was obviously meant to be
Clean coffee makers are pretty. Dirty ones make your coffee taste gunky. (Yes… gunky.) You can buy fancy coffee-maker-cleaning-potions at the store but they are overpriced and have weird chemicals in them. Using vinegar is a cheap, effective way to clean your coffee maker naturally. And it's super easy, too – here's how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar!
  1. Dump any old grounds out of the filter basket.
  2. Fill the carafe 1/3 full with white vinegar and the rest with water.
  3. Run the solution through the coffee maker, just like you're making a pot of coffee.
  4. Turn off the coffee maker and let everything cool down.
  5. Wipe out the carafe and water reservoir with a washcloth (you can use a little dish soap if it's really gunked up!).
  6. Run a full carafe of water through the coffee pot to rinse. Dump it out. Now do it again.
  7. Make coffee. Enjoy its smooth, un-mud-like flavor and aroma.

I like to clean out the coffee maker about once a month. You can do it as often as tickles your fancy. Before your coffee starts tasting like mud and gunk is ideal. 😉

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