How to do an armpit detox

One of the most common complaints about natural deodorant is that it doesn't work as well as conventional types. Doing an armpit detox can help your natural deodorant work better for you. The armpit detox is popular with those who are looking to remove much of the buildup of bacteria and waste products from antiperspirants and deodorants.

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Creating an armpit detox mask 

Unlike many other detox option, the armpit is treated with a mask applied for between five and 20 minutes designed to have a positive impact on the body. The first step is to gather the correct ingredients, which include bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and a little water to dilute the acidity of the vinegar. Combine the ingredients to form a paste, then apply it to the armpit area. Remove it between five and 20 minutes later with warm water and a washcloth. 

Benefits of an armpit detox 

Deodorants are created with a range of ingredients, including some which have been proven to be irritants. The use of scents, alcohol, and aluminum can clog the pores and irritate the skin leading to a broken surface and itchy feelings. By using an armpit detox mask, you can remove these problems contaminants from the body. 

The inclusion of vinegar in the armpit detox mask is one which can have a positive effect on problem odors underneath the arms. Among the benefits of using an armpit detox mask is the fact the anti-bacterial nature of apple cider vinegar can have a positive effect on the odors often associated with armpits. 

Doing an armpit detox can help balance your overall odor so your natural deodorant better, so you can feel better about your nontoxic option or your DIY deo. Try it out, and see how it helps!

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