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High gloss makeup looks are so popular right now and I for one am here for it. Glossy makeup is so youthful, natural, and healthy-looking. Many of the products you can use to get a glossy look are also really great for your skin. There's so much to love about this trend. So if you've been wondering how to do glossy makeup, read on.

High Gloss Eyes

Glossy eyelids look amazing. They add a unique textural element to eye makeup and they make both glittery shades and bright colors pop. There are glossy brands on the market, of course, but what if you could recreate the look with what you already have at home? 

If you have fine, shimmery shadow and a simple lip balm or clear gloss product, do it yourself glossy shadow is beyond simple. Just apply your shimmer shadow to your lids as usual – the finer the better, and as a side note, these shades sometimes apply more evenly when you use a clean finger or wet brush. Once your shimmery base has been applied, it's time to gloss up. 

A sheer lip balm, rose salve, or even a clear mirrored lip gloss can be used to create a glossy overcoat. For best results and to avoid color transfer and smearing, dab gloss or salve onto your finger and pat it over your eyelid, avoiding your crease – this spot won't be noticed from a distance, and it will prevent the unpleasant sticky-lidded feeling that can come with glossy eyes. 

Extra Glossy Lips

There are plenty of lip glosses and glazes on the market, but if you want to amp up the intensity of your gloss factor, take note. 

  • A flawless extra glossy lip begins with lips that are well moisturized and exfoliated. This clears dead skin cells and evens the skin's surface, naturally removing dullness. Simple white sugar and a non-comedogenic(skin clogging) oil like Sweet Almond will create a quick scrub that leaves lips extra nourished and glowy.
  • Don't just settle for any old lip gloss – look for one with light catching properties. Seek out something with a glitter or shimmer base, or look for the words “mirror” and “lacquer” to find the glossiest of the gloss.

Glossy Skin

Glossy skin looks so fresh and youthful, and the reflective powers of gloss can do wonders when it comes to minimizing pores and lines. For glossy skin, there are a few products to consider.

  • Moisturizing scrub. Exfoliating with a moisturizing scrub starts you off with a smooth, supple canvas. You can make your own!
  • Serum. An ultra-hydrating serum keeps your skin nourished and protects from the elements. My favorites are Gulp, Gulp Avocado Facial Oil and LATHER's vitamin C peptide renewal. I usually use both – first the peptide serum, then my oil.
  • Primer. There are loads of primers to choose from, but for a glossy makeup look, choose one with words like “reflective,” “moisturizing,” or… you know, “glossy.” Avoid words like “matte” and “shine-free.” 100% Pure's Luminous Primer is perfection for this look.
  • Foundation/Concealer. If you're going to be wearing it, choose a moisturizing foundation. Again, avoid the word “matte” or “powder-finish” for glossy makeup. If you can, skip foundation altogether and just use minimal concealer where you really need it. BB or CC cream is the perfect medium.
  • Highlighter. Like the icing on the cake, highlighter adds a glossy pop. Choose a cream or liquid over a powder. Au Naturale's All-Glowing Creme Highlighter Stick is the best, and I love all three colors: The OG (gold), Rose Gold, and Celestial (silvery white).

High gloss makeup has taken the beauty world by storm, and recreating this look is pretty fun. Practicing your favorite color and product combos may lead you to rediscover old favorites in your collection, giving them new life as part of this fun, eye-catching trend.


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