How to make bullet journaling part of our self-care routine

If you love bullet journaling and want to make it a bigger part of your day-to-day happenings, there are ways to incorporate your regular self-care routine into the pages of your favorite dot-grid notebook. It's a self care game changer in so many ways.

Here are some of the ways to make bullet journaling part of your daily self-care routine: 

Keeping your BUJO with you wherever you go. Make sure it’s a comfortable size for you to work in and that it's portable enough to put in your bag or backpack. That way, you have it with you at all times and can update it whenever you have a spare moment. If you get in the habit of neglecting your bullet journal, you’ll likely neglect your self-care routine, too. 

Using it to track your progress and to see how far you’ve come. Habit tracking is a great way to motivate yourself. When you see how much progress you’ve made, you feel compelled to keep the good work up long-term. When you add self-care activities such as drinking water, exercising, journaling, and even reading uplifting books to your list, you’re making space in your life for things that promote good physical and mental health. 

Expressing yourself through the pages you create. Keeping a BUJO allows you to tap into your creative side. It gives you the freedom of expression on each beautiful page you decorate. Because it is customizable, you have the freedom to try out new ideas and create lists that help you achieve your goals involving self-care. 

This list includes just a few of the ways to make bullet journaling part of your self-care routine. Use it to track your habits and to explore new ways to take good care of yourself. Carry your BUJO with you to school, work, and while you travel so you always have the equivalent of a ‘good friend’ with you wherever you go. 

Make ‘Me Time’ Your Biggest Priority to Date

Make self-care easier by incorporating it into your BUJO practice. By regularly reviewing your schedule and habit trackers, you’re able to see how well you’re doing with prioritizing ‘me time’ and making room in your life for fun. If you notice that you’re rarely able to engage in self-care, you can make the adjustments necessary to include healthier, more nourishing, and wholly creative activities into your daily plans.


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