How to Make Your Own CBD Oil

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CBD is well known for its therapeutic properties. Also referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is used for a whole host of issues, including chronic pain, mood regulation, sleep aid, nausea, and muscle spasms or even seizures.

While CBD oil can now be widely found, the quality and purity is not always apparent. However, you can make it yourself fairly easily in your own home, without any special equipment or chemicals, in just three easy steps.

Select Your Ingredients

You want to choose a carrier oil like coconut oil or MCT, although anything you have is fine. Olive oil or hempseed oil would work just as well. In the end you just want to be sure you have 16 ounces.

You will also need one ounce of the dried cannabis flower of your choice, just make sure it is finely ground. While it is best to use a grinder for this, if you have a small kitchen knife you could do it that way too. CBD is best extracted from small pieces, so just keep this in mind.

Also needed are a crock pot or double boiler. Either method is fine, you just want to be sure to keep a low, consistent heat for a few hours. Take care not to burn it, as that will cause all the oil you are trying to extract to burn off.

Other helpful items include cheesecloth for straining the oil, a glass or ceramic bowl, and silicone spatula.


After the flower has been ground, lay it out on a cookie sheet and pop it in the oven set at 225 degrees for about one hour. This will change the CBD into its inactive form and allow it to help your body better.


Next, you'll want to mix your carrier oil with the flower on a low heat for two or three hours. It's ready when it becomes a dark, earthy green color.

Lastly, strain it using a cheesecloth so you separate the oil from the plant parts. The remaining oil can be placed into a jar and set to store in a cool place that is not in direct sunlight.

What Can I Do With The Oil?

Once you have your oil, you can use it several ways. It can be taken orally by adding it to food. You can also rub it directly onto your skin to reduce pain or add it to your favorite lotion.


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    I might be reading your article wrong but are you stating any flower or do you really mean any hemp flowers? I can’t see where any flower would bring out CDB oils. Is there a reputable distributor of hemp flowers?
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