How to master self care when you work at home

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If you work from home, then you must continue to take care of your mental and physical well-being. Here are some tips for mastering self-care when you work at home. 

Tip 1: Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

It is better for your health to maintain a regular schedule so that your brain's circadian rhythms are regulated. As much as possible, you should wake-up at the same time and go back to sleep at the same time. 

Tip 2: Remember to Eat Nutritious Meals

You should plan ahead at the supermarket by buying fresh fruits or vegetables that you can have for a snack or to enjoy at lunch. Here are some of the healthy meals that you can prepare for lunch:

• A ready-made green leafy vegetable salad with low-fat dressing
• Cream of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich
• Shaved ham with tomato slices on whole-wheat bread
• Baked chicken drumsticks with steamed vegetables

Remember that you can make extra portions of food while preparing dinner to have ready to heat in a microwave for your lunch. 

Tip 3: Take a Day Off When You Are Ill

If you aren't feeling your best, then don't try to work all day just because you are able to work at home. Taking one day off to recuperate makes it more likely that you will feel better faster. Contact your employer to request a sick day, or if you freelance with clients, then leave a message on your website that you are closed for the day. 

Tip 4: Remember to Exercise

Sitting in front of a computer all day is not a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, if you work from home, then you can use your breaks to exercise. When the weather is nice, go outside for a walk in the neighborhood or ride your bicycle instead. If the weather is inclement, then have some basic exercise equipment at home such as resistance bands or small barbells. 

Tip 5: Have a Fun Social Life

When you work from home, you are usually alone, but it is essential to have a social life to prevent conditions such as anxiety or depression. Having a social life with hobbies or community activities can also help to prevent dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

Tip 6: Use a Calendar and a Day Planner

Use a day planner and a calendar to plan your daily schedule and your weekly or monthly activities. By doing so, you can use your time on what's really important to you in life.

Do you work at home? What does self care look like for you?


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