How to Sabotage Your Goals

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Goals are what get us up in the morning — but all too often, we give into the temptation to sleep in. Everyone’s experienced periods of apathy and the frustration of being in a rut, doing the same things over and over every day, never moving forward. If you want to stay this way, make sure you follow these handy tips for sabotaging your goals!

Do you tend to sabotage your goals? Here are some ways you might be ruining your chances of success.

Wait For Things to Happen to You

Being passive is the perfect way to ensure that you never make progress. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the world owes you anything; it doesn't, and it will often let you know that in no uncertain terms. Although sometimes people get lucky and prove themselves exceptions to the rule, sitting around wishing for your life to change isn’t going to change it.

Don’t Be Specific

Having vague, nebulous ideas about your future could very well result in that future never arriving. Until you map out those ideas and ground them in a practical plan of action, all those “maybe somedays” will probably remain thoroughly hypothetical. This isn’t to say that you have to have everything figured out and all your steps listed from beginning to end; starting with one (even if it’s small) is enough. “Get fit” is a New Year’s resolution that fills gyms in January and fizzles out by February, while “Lift weights for fifteen minutes every morning” establishes a routine that you're much more likely to stick to.

When It Gets Tough, Quit

Easy things aren’t worth it. Think about it: when you’re given a simple, practically effortless task, do you feel fulfilled once you’ve completed it? Probably not. Satisfaction lies in struggle — runners don’t feel accomplished after the first mile of the marathon — so if pursuing your goal becomes difficult, just think of it as evidence that the goal is worthwhile. Putting in the hard work for it will make it all the more rewarding once you get there. Make a conscious choice to view challenges as opportunities for growth.

Do you tend to sabotage your goals? Here are some ways you might be ruining your chances of success.

Whatever your personal goals are, keep working for them — and when you reach them, set new ones. After all, as illustrated by the entire history of civilization, progress is kind of what humans do! It’s in your nature. You’ve got this.

What are some goals you’ve reached in the past? Which ones are you working toward now?


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  1. Eleni Rigual

    Excellent article, Kate, and sound advice for all ages! I truly enjoyed this.

    Eleni Rigual

  2. Angie

    Thanks for this, Kate! I need to be reminded of these things sometimes. I’ve ended up sabotaging myself so much in the past, and it’s necessary to be aware of these things. I’d also like to add one: doing things solely to please others.

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