How to turn your bathroom into a self-care oasis

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Everyone could use a bit more rest and relaxation. While a professional spa is the perfect place to get it, the cost of a spa day may be out of your budget. Instead, turn your bathroom into a self-care oasis. Here’s how.

Add Greenery to the Space

To create an at home spa oasis, add some greenery to the space. Lush plants will enhance your bathroom, giving it a soothing vibe. Recommended plants include aloe vera, spider plants and snake plants. This type of greenery will withstand the steam from your shower and chilly evening temperatures.

If you don’t like taking care of plants, add a few faux plants. If you spend a little more, you can get some fake ones that look as good as the real thing.

Tidy it Up

To create a spa oasis in your bathroom, be sure to tidy it up. After taking a shower, squeegee it to keep it clean. Recycle plastic shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles as soon as you’ve emptied them to keep the area tidy. Also, don’t leave dirty towels or clothes on the floor.

Invest in Products that Pamper You

Start thinking of your shower time as when you pamper yourself. Make sure that this time features a beauty treatment occasionally. Get a quality exfoliating substance and use it once or twice a week. Instead of hurrying through your shower time, exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead skin cells. After a few treatments, your skin will become smoother and softer.

Think Good Smells

The perfect self-care oasis smells nice. When you first walk into a professional spa, the smell is likely to make you feel happy and relaxed. Create this in your bathroom by hanging some eucalyptus. This plant relieves inflammation and respiratory problems. Hang the greenery in your shower so that the hot water can run through it, activating the odor.

Buy Quality Bath Towels

One thing that makes a professional spa stand out are the towels. Create this same feeling at home with quality bath towels. To get the best towels for your self-care oasis, you’ll need to complete some research. Head to a few department stores and touch the towels. Purchase two to four of your favorite type of towel.

Invest in a High-End Shower Head

A high-end shower head can transform your bathroom into a self-care oasis. Consider investing in a rain shower head to enjoy the feeling of a waterfall. There are models available that are better for your hair and even advanced versions that remove the impurities from the water.

The Benefits of a Self-Care Oasis

A self-care oasis gives you a place to recharge and focus on your needs. After taking a time out for yourself, you’ll be more prepared to take care of others and tackle your everyday life.


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