How to upgrade your skincare routine for fall

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This time of year, the main focus for most of our skincare routines is preventing dryness, cracking, and irritation. Here are a few shifts you can make this during Fall to keep your skin healthy.

Use a Thicker Moisturizer 

Even if you already have a lotion and moisturizing routine, use a thicker moisturizer as the cold fronts begin to blow in. Thicker moisturizers are better for cold and harsh weather, since you get a more substantial layer of protection against the elements.

In addition to using a moisturizer in the morning and before bed, always use a thick moisturizer after a shower. Hot water from showers cause the skin's pores to open, helping the skin soak in your moisturizer with ease.

Less Exfoliating 

Avoid exfoliating each day, even if you do so throughout the summer months. Your skin is likely drier and tighter now, and excessive exfoliating can quickly damage it. Exfoliate once or twice a week with a gentle scrub. Don't exfoliate your skin if it's already dry or irritated.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers add additional moisture to the air in your home. They can make the room a lot more comfortable during the dry fall and winter months. Humidifiers keep your skin healthy and moisturized even when you are not outside, as it is possible to develop dry skin when you are inside a space that is dry and without any humidity.

Clean Your Mask

Just like you need to clean your pillowcase often to avoid exposing your skin to pore-clogging bacteria and dirt, you should be using a new clean mask each day.

Do you have any fall skincare tricks? Share them below!


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