How to Naturally Increase Your Milk Supply: Euphoric Herbals Dairy Fairy Review

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I'm convinced that one of the keys to successful breastfeeding is establishing a good milk supply right away. If you've ever experienced a low milk supply when trying to breastfeed exclusively, you know how frustrating it is for both mom and baby!

My milk took a bit longer to come in this time around. I'm not really sure why – but it was very frustrating for Evelyn the last couple of days before it came in! I had been sent Dairy Fairy from Cindy at Euphoric Herbals during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but I wanted to wait to try it until after I had already been nursing for a few days so that I'd be able to see the difference and how much the herbs affected my milk. So I just waited it out – finally on day 4 or 5, we were in business. πŸ™‚

With the boys, my milk came in on about Day 3 postpartum and it arrived with a BANG. I made way more than they needed right away, so my boobs were very full and sore for awhile until my milk supply evened out to what they really needed.

This time, however, it seemed like I made just enough for little mama from the very beginning.

Some days, especially when I didn't drink enough water, she would even get fussy at the end of a feeding as if she wanted more. πŸ™ This was never an issue with my other babies! I have never really had to think about my milk supply. It's different this time. I have to very consciously make sure I'm eating enough and drinking plenty of water.

I started taking the Dairy Fairy capsules to see how the herbs affected my milk supply. After a few days of taking them, I definitely notice a boost! Dairy Fairy has several herbal ingredients that have been used by breastfeeding mamas – Goats Rue, Fenugreek, Alfalfa, Blessed Thistle, Fennel and Marshmallow Root. It's also made with only organic herbs, too!

Euphoric Herbals recommends taking Dairy Fairy twice daily for low supply. Doing so helped me establish a healthy supply. I'm no longer taking them, and my milk supply is still healthy – I'll be happy to have the rest on hand for those times when I need a boost. Growth spurts, times when I want to express milk, or other issues where I need to “catch up” – they'll come in handy!

Something else I noticed while taking this supplement is that I have felt LOADS better emotionally during this postpartum period than I did with my first two babies. With the boys, I was incredibly weepy and emotional for about 2 weeks after both of their births. I had sort of a crabby few days (before even taking Dairy Fairy) but that's it.

I'm VERY thankful for this, and can only attribute to the herbs because it has certainly been a more challenging and stressful postpartum time as I'm adjusting to three kiddos! I asked Cindy about this and she confirmed that yes, some of the herbs in Dairy Fairy do have hormone-balancing effects, like the alfalfa and blessed thistle. So even though the supplement is formulated to boost milk supply, the emotional benefits are a very welcome perk. πŸ™‚

All in all, I definitely recommend this supplement for daily use if you have chronic low supply, or for occasional use if, like me, you want to use it immediately postpartum to establish a healthy milk supply/ Or if you just need a boost in your milk supply once in awhile!

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