How to grow an indoor herb garden

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Growing an indoor herb garden is a game changer; now anyone can grow food, even while living where it's not possible to plant outdoors. An indoor herb garden will give you fresh herbs year-round, helping to add flavor to your food and in turn improve your overall diet.

Growing your own herbs also helps to make your home smell fresh and fills your space with beautiful green plants that can help improve the feel of your home. Growing an indoor herb garden is easy and anyone can do it.

Choose your herbs wisely

When growing an indoor herb garden you want to choose herbs that can handle reduced sunlight if you are not using a grow light. The herbs you choose should be herbs you and your family will eat on a regular basis but you should also consider what herbs will add to your space with bright colors and flavorful aromas.

Lavender is a great herb to grow in your bedroom while rosemary is an amazing addition to your home office or study area where it will help with focus. Check out the spice and herb jars in your kitchen to decide what to grow. How often do you have to replenish herbs after using them up? Which ones need to be replenished the most? Choose these herbs for your indoor herb garden.

Provide lighting

There are a ton of great lighting options for indoor herb gardens. Most herbs will thrive growing in a south-facing window where they can get sunlight most days. For kitchen herb gardens you can also get growing pods with built-in lights and hydroponic systems that provide plenty of light for growing herbs.

You could purchase LED grow lights and grow bulbs to help provide light for your indoor plants anywhere. Some of these bulbs even fit standard lighting fixtures allowing you to use a lamp you already have in the home.

Ensure your indoor herbs have enough water

To avoid the soil of your herbs from drying out using mulch to trap moisture in the pots. Watering globes can be used to continuously add water to your plants so they do not dry out. Using purified water is a good idea as city water contains chlorine, which can harm your plants. If the air is dry in your home, it will also be helpful to mist the leaves with purified water from time to time as well.

Get decorative

Growing herbs indoors is a great way to introduce color and texture to your space. When choosing pots for indoor herb gardens look for unique pots that fit the space you will be growing herbs in while helping to give the space a bright pop. This can really change the feel of a room while giving an interesting focal point to your space. Choose a variety of pot sizes for a more interesting arrangement. Many herbs companion plant well and can be planted together then using a large pot.


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