Little good deeds.

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Why not brighten someone's day? It doesn't have to be hard:

  • Use coupons for things you don't need and drop them off at the food bank or shelter.
  • Offer to babysit for a busy, cash-strapped couple so they can have some alone time.
  • Bake. Share.
  • Email your favorite blogger and tell them how they've inspired you. I promise, you are not “bugging” them.
  • Smile. Say “Hi!”
  • Help them move.
  • Surprise people in little ways – a sweet note, a fresh flower, their favorite coffee.
  • Lighten their load.
  • Bring a meal to a family going through a busy season – whether they are welcoming a new baby, someone just had surgery, is ill, or they just going through a rough time.
  • Give compliments – sincere, specific ones. “Cute hair!” Good. “Wow! Your new hair color really brightens your eyes!” Amazing!
  • Be friendly, especially to cashiers, waiters, etc. Unfortunately they have to deal with a lot of rudeness – do what you can to balance that out.
  • Use your manners. Please + Thank You never go out of style.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Keep your promises. It's rare these days.
  • Stand by what you believe in – it can be scary to do that sometimes but it sort of gives other people permission to do the same.
  • Have real conversations – nobody needs to talk more about what celebrities are up to or what happened on television last night. Talk about what's on your heart and give people space and security to do the same.
  • Be curious, not judgmental:
What's brightened your day lately?

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  1. Cathy

    Hi Kylie! This is really a sweet list! “Surprise people in little ways” and “Lighten their load”. I think I’ll try to do that this week. 😉

    And thank you for leaving a sweet note on my blog the other day! 🙂 Thanks so much! God bless you!

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