How to Host A Make + Take Party

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Want to get your friends and family interested in making natural products? Try hosting a Make and Take Party! During your party, guests will see, smell, and maybe even taste all the herbs and oils you already know and love in a variety of ways. From the avid enthusiast, to the curious observer, everyone will have a good time while learning about making natural beauty and personal care products. Not only that, they will also leave with some beautiful creations in hand to try in their daily lives.

Now's a great time to plan a make and take party for another reason: holiday gifts! Many of us have aspirations of DIYing lots of beautiful holiday gifts (like those here), but the reality is: it's easy to let that sort of thing fall to the backburner. Especially if you've never done it before! Getting together with friends to get it done simplifies things a lot. PLUS, you'll all save on ingredients if you can buy them in bulk.

Who should I invite?

To begin party planning, create a list of people to invite. Keep in mind how many people your location can hold, but remember about half the people invited will typically be unable to attend. Send out invitations approximately two weeks prior to the event. This extra time allows people to add your party to their schedule and builds anticipation.

How can I stay organized?

A great way to streamline the planning process is to pick a theme. Themes assist you in making decisions on party decorations, food, and even the items to make. Themes can be as simple as health remedies, or as elaborate as a purple and teal spa night. Keep your theme in mind throughout the planning phase. Decide on the refreshments you will provide and think of fun ways to incorporate those things too. An herb-inspired evening could include herbal teas and desserts. The possibilities are endless.

Theme Ideas

  • Herbal remedies
  • Natural beauty
  • Seasonal gifts (Christmas, Father's Day, etc.)
  • Baby care (This could be a fun baby shower!)
  • Hair care
  • Real food (Try dried soup mixes, hot cocoa… you get the idea!)
  • Romance (Massage oil, candles, etc.)

Make a shopping list for all the items you will need including food, decorations, and ingredients for the gifts guests will be making. If you will be charging guests to attend the party, figure out the cost per guest and set your prices accordingly. If you want to discuss options for what to make with your guests ahead of time, a Facebook event can be a great place to do that! You can even create a poll to let your guests vote on different options.

Setting up the Party

Prior to your party, arrange stations for each item to be made. Include a recipe card, ingredients, stir sticks, containers, and ingredients! As guests arrive, greet them at the door and welcome them into your home or location. Point out the stations, refreshments, and general gathering area. Make introductions as necessary. Once everyone has arrived, it's time to start the party! Have each guest introduce herself. Then explain what you're all going to be making and some information about the ingredients you're using. Having a handout with this information would also be helpful. Dismiss the guests to the creation stations and let them get busy. Make sure to walk around to each station to assist and answer questions.

Guests love Make and Take parties because they can get together with friends, be creative, eat some yummy food, and best of all, take something home with them! The sky is the limit when it comes to gifts, just make sure it is easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and something guests will use.

Make + Take Gift Ideas

  • Bath salts
  • Herbal tea blends
  • Beauty products
  • Herbal remedies (tinctures, syrups, etc.)
  • Baby oil + powder
  • Aromatherapy candles

Have you ever hosted a Make + Take Party? Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

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    This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing! I am about to host a DIY Body Scrub evening for friends to make for Christmas presents. I would love to do a candle evening too, but haven’t figured out the logistics of melting wax etc…do you have any tips?

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