How to make beard oil that nourishes + protects facial hair

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When it comes to purchasing or using natural health products with holistic ingredients, it’s hard to beat doing it yourself. Many top products claim holistic ingredients, and some are organic or sustainablly sourced, but creating your own care products ensures you know exactly what’s in each spritz. It’s no different when it comes to men’s products, and a healthy beard requires nutrients and conditioners to maintain its softness, shape and comfortable feel. Some savvy nurses have even chosen to make a career of holistic care and products.

Choosing the Carrier Oils

The carrier oil blend you choose makes up 96 to 99 percent of the total beard oil. That makes it important for you to select oils with the benefits you desire. Choosing the right mixture of oils from the outset may seem challenging, but you can mix and match your carrier oils to create the perfect blend for your skin after a bit of trial and error. You may start with just one oil, or go with up to three in equal amounts as a starter solution. Here are a few of the top choices for carrier oils for men’s beard care:

  • Argan – softens the skin and adds protection against signs of aging.
  • Hazelnut – excellent for stopping acne and infections.
  • Hemp Seed – moisturizes both skin and hair and prevents split ends or breakage.
  • Jojoba – moisturizes beard hair while protecting underlying skin.
  • Sweet Almond – reduces inflammation in the skin.

Adding Essential Oils

Many carrier oils have strong scents that need a bit of mellowing for everyday use. Adding essential oils provides an extra touch of holistic benefits, but primarily they help to adapt the fragrance of the beard oil into something a bit more palatable for everyday use. While most essential oils can be used, due to the small amount present in beard oil (typically 1 to 4 percent), it’s best to avoid photosensitive oils and stick with one or two of these for your first attempt:

  • Amla – Further protection against split ends and damage.
  • Cedarwood – for that woodsy scent and additional protection against infection.
  • Eucalyptus – like sweet almond, reduces irritation and inflammation.
  • Peppermint – for an aromatherapy boost against daily exhaustion.

Spritz, Spray or Drop?

The choice of container is the final decision you’ll make when crafting your own beard oil. Many men prefer a spritz or spray bottle, combing the final solution through the hair to keep it manageable each morning. An eyedropper works well for mustaches and eyebrows, if you grow those to lengths that require additional care. Shake well before each use. If the oil fails to dry entirely within one hour, apply less the next day.

Even if you’ve got no beard to oil, homemade holistic beard oil makes a wonderful gift for men of all ages. If you’ve got a knack for creating downright amazing fragrances from carrier and essential oils, you might find work as an aromatherapist or start a side hustle with your own homemade men’s care products. Trial and error is the key to finding the perfect blend for your needs and the right match for your friends, family or even customers.


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