Making Your Own Clothes

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by Charlotte Evans

Thinking about homemade clothes conjures up images of watching our mothers working away on their sewing machines, creating unique and durable outfits for the family. But in these days of fast, disposable, and cheap fashion, is making your own clothes still worthwhile – or is it just old-fashioned?

It used to be that sewing your own clothes was the cheap way, but these days that might not always be the case. Once you factor in fabric, patterns, thread, buttons and lining, you could be looking at a sizeable chunk of money. And that’s not including what you’ll spend on a decent sewing machine, and – of course – your valuable time! 
Having said that, whilst you might make a big initial outlay, there are certainly ways to bring the cost down over time. Re-using patterns, recycling old clothes and buying second hand fabric will make a big difference to your pocket. You could even share a sewing machine with a friend to cut the cost of the equipment.
Shop-bought clothes are cheap for a reason – often dependent on very low-paid factory workers, there are definitely ethical concerns about buying bargain clothes. The materials and finishes on shop-bought clothes often don’t last long at all, so you end up spending more on clothes as you try to replenish your wardrobe. And what about the fit? It’s so hard to find things that fit you perfectly and in a style and fabric you love.
Making your own clothes means you get to experiment with classic and modern styles, fabrics and finishes. The clothes you make for yourself will be unique, stylish and perfectly fitted just for you – and you can make the most of the styles you love. If you find a great skirt pattern, for example, you can easily make it in three or four different fabrics and wear it all week!
While it may cost a little extra starting out, your homemade clothes should last a long time, and you may even find yourself passing them on to younger friends and family members. It does take time and there’s a lot to learn, but if you fancy yourself as a seamstress, give it a try!

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