Cultivating Herbs With The Cycle of the Moon

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Tending your herbs after a long day is a mindful, restorative way to welcome calm in a world where we can become incredibly disconnected from nature. Perhaps its time to invite a little bit more of Mother Nature’s spirit indoors and bring your plant-tending practice in alignment with the cycle of the moon. Here are some practical ways to cultivate your herb garden with the lunar cycle.

Herbs planted in pots, view from above.

Herbs and The New Moon

Herbs grown for their leaves and young stems are best sown under a New Moon. Plant herbs such as Tulsi (Holy Basil), Borage, Mint, and Violet with the Full Moon. The leaves of short-lived annual plants thrive as the light of the Waxing moon increases each night. 

For more established plants, the New Moon is a wonderful time to feed your herbs with a nourishing liquid organic plant food. Give your plants some extra love and attention in this period of abundant leaf growth. A fertilizer tea will provide nutrients in the soluble form that your plants can absorb right away.

Note: New Moon & Full Moon Dates are Posted Here

Herbs and The Full Moon

Woody herbs and herbal roots are best sown under a Full Moon. These plants depend most heavily on a strong root system. Energy draws down into the earth and the root system as light decreases under a Waning Moon.

Plant longer-lived herbal plants such as Lavender and Rose under a Full Moon. This portion of the lunar cycle is also the best time to prune shrubby herbs and other routine plant care rituals such as applying slow-release organic fertilizer in a solid, granular form.

The Full Moon is also the time to focus on harvesting your herbs. While herbs can be harvested as required, this time can be used to gather and preserve batches of herbs for later use or for gifting to others. Take time to collect plant matter from trimmings. Share the abundance with the wild women around you.

Zodiac Herbal Gardens

Once you’re comfortable with these basics, take a peek at biodynamic gardening practice – a system that ties Zodiac elements and signs to various parts of the herb plant. While biodynamic gardening is more involved than general lunar alignment, it can be an inspiring aim to work towards. Support resources to help you learn are described in this article. 

Go and Grow!

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