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If you've gotten into astrology, you have probably seen references to a person's “moon sign.” If you're not sure what your moon sign is or what it means, this info will help.

“Moon sign” and “moon phase” refer to 2 different things. The moon's phase refers to where the moon is in it's 28 day cycle. The “New” Moon and “Full” Moon are 2 phases. There is a lot of tradition and belief around moon phases as well, but they have less to do with western astrology and birth charts.

Your sun sign, the most well known astrological placement for most people, represents which sign the sun was in from Earth's point of view. Similarly, the moon sign notes where the moon was in the sky at the time of birth. Because of the moon's close proximity to Earth and how it orbits our planet, the moon moves through the signs about every 2-3 days.

You can find out what your moon sign is in your natal chart. A natal chart is basically a map of the sky at the moment of your birth. I have always used Cafe Astrology's free natal chart calculator. is another option.

In astrology, the moon represents the emotional life. Once you have found your moon sign by obtaining a free natal chart, you can read more about what it means.

It's important to use an accurate birth time when it comes to finding your moon sign. Because the moon moves through the signs so quickly, even a few hours off could give you a totally inaccurate result. If you're not sure of your exact birth time, there are a few ways to get it:

  • ask your mom or other relatives
  • look on your birth certificate
  • call the hospital where you were born

What Your Moon Sign Means

Once you know what your moon sign is, you can interpret it. The signs all represent the same archetypes, while the moon's placement shows how that archetype reveals itself in the person's emotional life.

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  • Moon in Aries: Assertive, independent, and quick to react. An Aries moon may be easily provoked, but also settles down quickly. Passionate and eager.
  • Moon in Taurus: Strong, deep, and unwavering. There is a quiet strength and stability to moon in Taurus's emotions. Can hold a grudge when wronged.
  • Moon in Gemini: Flighty, optimistic, and easily excitable. A Gemini moon can be hard to follow but it's fun to try!
  • Moon in Cancer: The moon is at home in Cancer, making this placement very in touch with their wide range of emotions. They feel everything deeply and are able to articulate their needs well. Sensitive.
  • Moon in Leo: Bold and full of warmth, Leo moon feels the extremes emotionally. Very high highs and very low lows.
  • Moon in Virgo: There's an outward steadiness, almost a coldness, to the Virgo moon that hides their emotional depth. They feel wronged easily and can tend to put up walls to protect their inner world.
  • Moon in Libra: The Libra moon craves harmony and balance in relationships and seeks to resolve conflicts, no matter how minor. Their emotions depend heavily on the state of their relationships.
  • Moon in Scorpio: This intuitive water sign manifests in extreme ways as a moon sign. Scorpio moons seek to understand their emotions deeply and those of the people they love.
  • Moon in Sagittarius: Sagittarius Moon is so easily excited and distracted: always seeking the next adventure and “thrilling” experiences. They can be distant emotionally in relationships.
  • Moon in Capricorn: The Capricorn moon is steady and reserved. It's not that they don't have emotions: they simply aren't led by them. They use their emotions as a tool that gives them information.
  • Moon in Aquarius: The Aquarian moon is independent, opinionated, progressive, and humanitarian. They are more likely to feel angry on behalf of another than if they themselves are wronged. Like their Capricorn neighbor, there's a practicality to their emotional experience.
  • Moon in Pisces: Dreamy and a little melancholy, a Pisces moon is utterly romantic. You'll definitely see them get swept away by their moods.

Of course, there are many planetary placements to look at in the natal chart, plus their aspects (how the planets are placed in relation to each other), and houses – so how this energy manifests is totally unique for everyone. Consider this as you think about how your moon sign represents your emotional life.

What is your moon sign? Does it resonate with you?


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