My hopes for my children…

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Oh, I have so many, many hopes for these children:

  • That they would grow up curious, with a LOVE of learning!
  • That they'd be kind and reach out when they see a need.
  • That they would live in a society less greedy and corrupt than the one we have today.
  • That they, their children and grandchildren would all be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and live in a more sustainable culture.
  • That they'd be a light in the world.
  • That they'd be loving spouses and partners.
  • That they'd never, ever question how much we love and care for them.
  • That they'd see the good before the bad.
  • That they'd be an encouragement to others.
  • That they'd laugh much more than they cry, all their lives.
  • That they'd be generous with everything they have.
  • That they'd know their worth.
  • That they'd value people and experiences over things.
  • That they'd be courageous and quick to protect those more vulnerable than themselves.
  • That they'd be humble and quick to admit their mistakes, and use every opportunity to grow.
  • That they'd be honest and fair.
  • That they'd remember these years with joy!
  • That they'd use their gifts for good.

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  1. SavingsInSeconds

    Oh, this is beautiful. Being a mom has made me become such a selfless person….I’m so focused on my children that there’s no time for ME!

    • Kylie Worthington

      I know what you mean! I have learned though that I need a little time in order to be the best mom that I can be. It’s a balancing act for sure..

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