20+ natural health tips for winter

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Winter provides ample opportunities for using plants to heal, provide nourishment, and provide immune support. Whether you're new to herbalism or a seasoned pro, you might find some new ideas for using plants to stay healthy this winter in this roundup!

A collection of natural winter health tips!

Elderberry provides fabulous immune support – it's a well known remedy for the flu. Sunflower Press offers a comprehensive guide to elderberry.

The holiday season can be stressful! Check out Happy Mothering for a list of essential oils you can use for stress relief during the holidays.

Essential oils are perfect for stress reduction, and for helping you feel more relaxed and at peace. -Happy Mothering

A Proverbs 31 Wife has a handy chart for determining whether you're dealing with a cold or flu, as well as which essential oils to have in your arsenal for when they hit.

Red and Honey has some cold and cough remedies that can help, too.

I find that the pharmaceuticals that people use (that I used to use before having kids) only prolong the illness. They don’t treat the problem, they only mask it, which suppresses the body’s natural fighting mechanisms. -Red and Honey

You may have heard about how amazing the “thieves” blend is this time of year – Whole New Mom has a copycat recipe you can try!

Simple to make. Just as effective. Cheaper than buying a blend already blended. -Whole New Mom

Check out this recipe for “fire cider” and some other winter health tips at Nature's Nurture.

The Pistachio Project share her tips for surviving the cold and flu season, including a Cinnamon remedy that was new to me!

Ear infections are the worst! Teach Them Truth uses Garlic Oil to treat them.

I have been absolutely amazed by this recipe! We have used it multiple times now at the first sign of an ear ache. Each time it only took 2 applications for the ear ache to be gone. -Teach Them Truth

Have you heard SlightlySteady's 5 Weird Tips for baby cold care?

I read, and stumbled across a lot of strange advice. Some of it sounds too easy. Some I’d just never thought of. Some sound downright silly. Whether or not these tricks work depends on whom you ask – but one thing is sure; all are so gentle and natural that they’re safe for even your littlest sniffler. I’ve tested all of these and came out a believer – and I’m not the only one! -Slightly Steady

Try my homemade vapor rub with only TWO ingredients for congestion.

If you have congested babies, though, check out The Hippy Homemaker's more little-one-friendly “cool vibes” recipe, which doesn't have Eucalyptus.

Last year, when Robert Tisserand’s newest edition of Essential Oil Safety  hit the shelves, everyone was surprised that it was now advised not to use ANY form of eucalyptus and rosemary on children under the age of 10 and peppermint on children under the age of 6 years old because of the menthol and cineol content in those essential oils. My first thought was, well now I have to re-think my vapor rub! -The Hippy Homemaker

Finally, here are even more natural immune support tips on another post of mine.

What are your favorite remedies and herbs to use during the winter?


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