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I'm continuing to learn more about fitness. After learning that I have rheumatoid arthritis (RA), I've been realizing that I need to pay even more attention to not only getting enough exercise, but also lowering my odds of injury. I was surprised at how much there is to consider when it comes to recovering from a workout – even for a beginner engaging it light exercise!

Recovery for the Novice
There's a big difference between enjoying light exercise a few times a week and serious athletic training. Anyone that is moderately exercising for less than 150 minutes per week may only needa day of recovery between each session. They should also give major muscle groups at least one full week rest between workouts. Practically, for light exercisers, this might just look like “taking it easy” when you feel you need to, without any more thought to it than that.

Get More Sleep
Are you getting enough sleep? Studies show that failing to get enough sleep after exercising strenuously can increase your recovery time. Sleep is the most important part of the day when it comes to repairing torn muscles and building new muscles via protein synthesis.

What to eat before and after a workout!

Time Out Your Protein Consumption
Protein powder is one of the most popular supplements in the world because protein is the primary building block of muscle. Failing to consume enough protein means that your muscles will stay damaged for a much longer period after microscopic tears have formed. The three most important times to consume protein include just before a workout, immediately following a workout, and right before bed. Sufficient protein will also suppress your appetite and help you build lean muscle. A lot of protein powders have ingredients that I don't want to be using on a regular basis. I've been using Sunwarrior's plant based protein powder which has only awesome, plant-based ingredients.

3 times to eat protein to maximize muscle recovery after working out.

Schedule a Down Week 
Don't be afraid to take a down week – your progress won't come to a halt. Studies have shown that having a down week every 3 to 5 weeks not only reduces muscle fatigue, but it also gives our brains a rest. Even just five consecutive days of recovery every 1 to 2 months may help you recover faster when you get back into your routine.

Plant-Based Nutrition From Sunwarrior

Like I said, I've been enjoying the protein powder from Sunwarrior, since it's delicious and doesn't have any artificial ingredients. Sunwarrior actually offers several different plant-based nutritional supplements that make it easy to get the nutrients you need and meet your health and fitness goals.

Warrior Blend Protein: It's hard to believe that a plant based protein powder can have so much protein, but the Warrior Blend Protein has 17g of protein per serving from sources like peas and hemp seeds. It's awesome! I tried chocolate and vanilla – both were yummy, especially chocolate.

Ormus Greens: A simple way to “green” any smoothie, the Ormus Greens powder is an awesome nutritional boost – especially for busy days and travel.

Activated Barley: This fermented barley offers powerful, slow-burning energy. I tried this in a breakfast smoothie and it was an awesome start to a full day! I am going to keep this around for high-activity days.

Plant based nutrition from Sunwarrior!

This resource is sponsored by Sunwarrior. Thanks, Sunwarrior! As always, all opinions are my own + totally legit. I only share products I think are awesome on Everblossom. 


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