Is Your Probiotic Performing? #NuCulture

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I've taken probiotic supplements for about a year. They're a no-brainer for everyone in the wellness sphere, with research coming out over the past couple years calling the gut our “second brain” and linking gut health to everything from immune function to behavior. With those connections in mind, who wouldn't want to improve their gut health? Enter probiotics.

Improve your gut health with clinically proven strains of probiotics. #NuCulture

What are probiotics?

Our gut contains over 100 trillion bacteria – for real! These bacteria are responsible for powering our immune system and digestion, so it's clear that the health of or gut has a major impact on our overall well-beimg. Unfortunately, the good bacteria can become out of balance due to diet and environmental factors. Taking probiotics is as a great way to help increase the number of good bacteria and maintain balance.

Are all probiotics the same?

The problem is, many probiotic supplements are not as effective as others. Most probiotics on the market contain strains that aren't actually clinically tested or proven. I recently had the opportunity to try a new brand of probiotics called NuCulture from AlternaScript. NuCulture is the only probiotic on the market that combines clinically tested probiotic strains along with a prebiotic that helps “pave the way” so to speak for the probiotics to work effectively.

Improve your gut health with clinically proven strains of probiotics. #NuCulture

The timing was perfect, as I had run out of my other probiotics a couple months earlier and hadn't gotten around to replacing them. After taking NuCulture for several days, I noticed better digestion and even more mental clarity.

I've always been in favor of including probiotics in my supplement routine, but now I know how important it is to ensure that they are high-quality, clinically proven strains. If you're looking for a probiotic to start taking, check out NuCulture!

NuCulture, along with all AlternaScript products, can only be purchased through a subscription through the AlternaScript website. They do also offer free trials of their products.

This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and AlternaScript. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


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