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2020 AstroLife Outlook


Think of it as your personal 2020 roadmap – plucked right from the stars.



The AstroLife Outlook Report is a modern solution for planning your year. It's like having a personal astrologer, but simpler, more streamlined, and introvert-friendly

This AstroLife Outlook gives you insights about what moves to make throughout 2020. You'll learn key dates and time periods for negotiating deals, making announcements, and using your creative powers when they'll have the biggest and best impact

Learn about:

  • Major and minor astrological events and how they relate to you
  • Moon cycles and how they will affect you personally
  • Relationships, finances, life changes, and more

The reading is based on your natal chart and upcoming astrological events. 

How it works: after purchasing a reading, you'll receive an email link to enter your data. The more details you're able to provide, the more comprehensive and accurate your reading will be! Details include:

  • Your date of birth, place of birth, and birth time.
  • Specific concerns you have about the year ahead.

Once you send in your data, you'll receive your reading within 1-2 business days in a beautiful PDF that you can easily refer back to throughout the year. Think of it as your personal 2020 roadmap – plucked right from the stars.


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