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Compliance Checklist for Holistic Health Bloggers + Marketers


Let's not let overwhelm stop us from sharing all of our health wisdom with the world! By getting cozy with the guidelines in place, we can share even more confidently and keep helping people take charge of their own wellness. Cover all your bases with this easy-to-use checklist.



This compliance checklist was created to help alternative health writers, bloggers, and marketers comply with the FDA and FTC guidelines around sharing health information.

It applies to anyone who earns income talking, writing about, or selling things like:

  • herbs + herbal products
  • unlicensed wellness services
  • essential oils
  • beauty products meant to address certain issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, and more

Whether you're a blogger, a sales representative, an affiliate, or an entrepreneur with your own product line you need  to start using compliant language to avoid legal problems.

The checklist can help you go through your content and update your language to be in compliance.

The checklist is delivered to your inbox immediately upon checkout. If you don't see it after a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

You can get more info on using compliant language here.

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