Safety razors are making a comeback and women are totally on board

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If you're not into the idea of going au naturale with your body hair, shaving is the most non-toxic, least invasive way to remove unwanted hair.

Plastic razors are incredibly wasteful, though. Even those with refillable blades are often made from so many different materials that they're impossible to recycle effectively.

So what's the eco-conscious human to do?

Enter (or rather, re-enter) the safety razor.

For women and men alike, the safety razor is making a comeback.

safety razor and shaving supplies

Not only are the blades significantly cheaper than plastic refill blades, they can be sharpened and reused again and again, making them far more sustainable. (Not sure how to recycle your blades? The Albatross Blade Take Back Program will accept and double edged safety razor blades.)

It gets even better, though: most people also find that they get a much better shave with a safety razor.

So there you go: all the reasons you need to buy one more razor to last you the rest of your life and a box of blades that won't sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Here are some tips for shaving with a safety razor:

  • shave at the end of your shower routine when your skin is soft and steam has opened up your hair follicles
  • hold the blade at a 30 degree angle to your skin for the best results
  • you don't need to “push” the razor into your skin
  • take short, smooth strokes against the grain of the hair

You can get your own safety razor on Amazon – there are a ton of styles to choose from! I have my eye on this one, because purple. This rose gold women's safety razor is pretty gorgeous too!

safety razor tips

Have you ever used a safety razor? How was the shave?


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  1. Juliet Emmanuel

    Jeez.. I kinda use the razor before my bath routine. I just hope that is not a problem because I have been doing it for long now and I’ve never thought it could be the wrong way.

    • Kylie Worthington

      If you are happy with your results, no need to change what you’re doing! If you have irritation or your shave isn’t as smooth as you’d like, try waiting until your skin is “steamed up” and see how it goes.

  2. Pearl

    I checked out the item on Amazon and it was great. I love the colors and I would definitely pick some on it for myself and my daughters. By the way, nice shaving tips here. Keep it up.

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