1 sustainable, science-backed way to uplevel your self care right now

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What’s uplifting me today is imagining a world where everyone is obsessed with their own self care. Wholeness, wellness, giving from abundance – yeah, that’s the stuff. What could be better than a collective uplevel where we’re all feeling more vibrant and nurtured?

One improvement I recently made to my own self care routine is the introduction of a high quality daily probiotic. Gut health matters. The gastrointestinal system influences everything else. I’m taking the Daily Synbiotic from Seed. It blows every other probiotic supplement I’ve seen out of the water, in a few ways:

  • Synbiotic = probiotic + prebiotic, with an inner and outer capsule that ensures probiotics are actually delivered alllll the way down to your gut without being destroyed by stomach acid along the way.
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, and vegan – so most humans can add it safely.
  • Created sustainably with a convenient, beautiful refill system that minimizes waste. 

Incredible, right? That’s why I’m stoked that Everblossom has been able to partner with Seed to offer our community a sweet opportunity to get started with the Daily Synbiotic. To get 15% off your first month of probiotics, visit everblossom.net/seed and use the code EVERBLOSSOM when you check out. Boom – self care, upleveled. 

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