20 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

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For many of us, self-care is the first thing to get moved to the back burner when life gets crazy.

We have ceased to appreciate many of the life's simple gifts, and, above all, being grateful for them. People are always in a rush, not taking to reflect. We often forget to pause and ask: is it worth it? Wouldn't it be nice if we lived a purposeful life instead of mindlessly accumulating the very things that make us miserable?

The good news is that you can take charge of your life by mindfully incorporating and cultivating positive habits. Here is a list of 20 positive self care habits you can start practicing right away.

You can take charge of your life by mindfully incorporating and cultivating positive habits. Here is a list of 20 positive self care habits you can start practicing right away.

1) Meditate: Set aside as little as 15 minutes everyday, at a time of your convenience, for meditation. Make sure you are all by yourself during this period, undisturbed and completely focused. There is no ‘technique' to meditation that you need to learn either. Exhale and inhale slowly, and keep your attention fully on the breathing process.

2) Read: Reading demands patience from the reader. You can also consider it a form of meditation as, unlike modern forms of entertainment, reading a book is a solitary activity.

3) Write: Writing challenges a person to think and structure his thoughts. It allows you go deep inside your own thinking process, making you aware of the deep seated prejudices in your mind. In the end, it makes you articulate yourself better.

4) Cut down on caffeine and sugar: Caffeine may provide you the kick you need to get through a tough day, but extracts its pound of flesh in the long term by causing addiction. Similarly, refined sugar does a lot worse than simply enhance your waistline. Instead, consume naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and honey.

5) Fast once a week: At least once every week, give up on all food and calorie containing beverages. Instead, spend this day on lemon water and green tea. Doing so would cleanse your system, adding vitality to your life.

6) Go offline: Staying connected to internet through gadgets induces a certain anxiety that is not good for our psychological well being.

7) Make a list: Prepare a list of things you have always wanted to do. Make another list of things that you are terrified of. Public speaking, for example. Set yourself to knock off the items on these list one by one.

8) Be kind: Kindness is always in short supply. Your one solitary act of kindness everyday would help usher the change.

9) Get enough rest: Do not compromise on your sleep for anything. If you do not get enough sleep then people around you do not get to see the best you can be.

10) Learn to turn people down: You cannot please everyone, all the time. Be firm when you need to be, and tell people clearly about why you cannot take up their bidding.

11) De-clutter your life: Staring with your closet, start removing all the unnecessary bits from your life. (Including your online life!)

12) Give yourself some downtime: You need some ‘me' time everyday, without any feeling of guilt. Indulge yourself.

13) Choose your friends wisely: It is better to have few good friends, instead of many who are actually only there for the good times.

14) Save: Do not live beyond your means. Always look to save 20-30 percent of your income.

15) Give to charity: Find your favorite cause and donate within your means.

16) Let people close to you know you love them: Instead of words, do so with your touch. Tactile experiences work better than mere words.

17) Start listening: Most people talk. Instead, you should start listening. This is a core skill that will take you far in life, both professionally and personally.

18) Embrace art: Art has revelatory power. Art shows you things that people are prone to overlook during everyday life.

19) Stay hydrated: Do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

20) Forgive yourself: Despite your best efforts, there will be times when things won't go according to the plan. Do not be too harsh on yourself, and know that you will get another chance.

How do you take care of you? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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