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One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place and still a huge passion of mine is my love of earth-friendly, natural products – especially girly stuff like makeup! I'm so excited to have connected with Kelly, the founder of Eco Love Beauty in order to host this giveaway. This is Kelly's story:

I started my company when I was reading the back of a lotion bottle and had no idea what any of the ingredients were. I looked them up in a dictionary and found that most were derived from antifreeze. Yuck! I started looking for natural, healthier alternatives. After lots and lots of research and trial and error, I made my own all natural lotion! I love the creation process so much and I believe that it is vital to use natural, chemical free products so I branched out and started writing my own makeup formulas.
I have a BBA in Business Administration from Northwood University. I am considering going back to school to become a ND (naturopathic doctor). Health begins with what we put in and on our bodies and I feel there is a very strong body mind spirit connection. I am very interested in alternative models of health and healing versus traditional medicine. I want to teach people how to live a toxic free life, which is better for the environment and their own health. I have eliminated chemical cleaners from my home and instead use my own handmade eco cleaning kit and I have noticed a difference in how I feel since making the change.

She offers a full line of mineral eyeshadow, mineral blush, and mineral foundations through her Etsy store. The makeup line is completely eco friendly, all natural and chemical free. All products are paraben free, talc free, fragrance free, bismuth free, dye free, and nano particle free.  I was able to try three of her eyeshadows and have loved them.

I tried Lilac, Swiss Miss, and Amethyst. The purples are super bright and last forever. I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow anymore, but I do tend to get frustrated with how a lot of them either wear off really quickly or crease after a couple of hours and that hasn't been an issue with these. Swiss Miss is great as a liner and I have even used it to fill in my eyebrows with stellar results!!

If you are looking for a natural and cruelty free makeup brand that offers lots of beautiful colors, including bright, bold shades, I definitely recommend this seller. Visit Eco Love Beauty on Etsy today!


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  1. Angie

    It’s a good thing we can pick more than one, there are so many pretty shades! Misty morning, golden sands and spring leaf were my faves.

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