Eco tip: stop using plastic grocery bags!

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In a perfect world we'd all stop using plastic completely. We've all heard this one before, so if you haven't gotten yourself some cloth grocery bags yet, it's TIME! There are a million bags on the market now that are beautiful and super functional, but even if you only have $5 to spend on bags, it can be done! You can pick up a few at pretty much any grocery store these days for about a dollar each. You can also look at thrift stores— I found one a really pretty flower print one from bath and body works for 50 cents! Okay, so it's probably a “tote” but it works great.

These bags fold up into a strawberry! Cute!!

On that note, using totes and things like that is a-okay, too! They are a lot prettier than black canvas bags with “WALMART” printed on them. 🙂

I have been wanting these shopping bags from Fly Lady for awhile now. You get a set of 5 bags, and 2 of them are thermal!

Etsy sellers never disappoint, either.

Cut Out + Keep has a pretty neat tutorial on how to make them out of old tshirts! I'm in!

How many bags you'll want to have on hand depends on how often you go grocery shopping and how many people are in your family! I would look at how many plastic bags you tend to take home on the average trip and then try to have a couple extra. Having extra bags on hand is always nice, because you can use them to send things home with people. They also make great gift bags too! You're wrapping the gift in another gift!

Be sure to keep your bags clean. I wash mine about every 3 grocery trips, but I could probably stand to do it more often. If you put raw meat in your bags, you'll want to wash them right away!


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