How I Use Essential Oils for FOCUS (my ritual for mental clarity)

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Sometimes I find myself completely scatter-brained and unable to really accomplish anything. I flit around from task to task, exhaust myself, and have nothing to show for it.

When I catch myself in that mode, I have a little ritual that snaps me back pretty consistently. And yes, it's just one of the many times I reach for my essential oils to help me out.

Whenever I find myself scatterbrained, these EOs help me snap back and focus! Essential oils for focus


Essential Oils for Focus

My absolute favorite combo of essential oils for focus is rosemary + peppermint. Both oils are so energizing and clarifying, and the combo of the 2 smells so herby and fresh.

There are other oils essential oils for mental clarity you can use too, though – these are all good for mental clarity so just choose the ones that you like best. My favorite essential oil blend for mental clarity is rosemary + peppermint.

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Clary sage
  • Basil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot

Some sources swear by citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon, and orange for mental alertness as well – but I haven't found them to be as helpful as herbal oils. Have you ever used those? How have they worked for you?

Using Essential Oils for Mental Clarity

There are a few ways to use essential oils for focus. The simplest way is to add oils to an oil warmer (this one is SO cute + only 10 bucks!).You can also use a diffuser.

I also love the concept of essential oil diffuser necklaces – Amanda from Refocus On Being has a really lovely tutorial for a diffuser locket that I'm going to try when I have the supplies.

You can also add 20 drops of oil(s) to 1 ounce of witch hazel and 1 ounce of water for a simple aroma spray that you can spritz for an instant boost.

And to keep things really simple… you can just take a whiff of your EO bottle too!

My “Snap Back to Focus” Ritual for Mental Clarity

When I catch myself being spacey and just sort of shuffling through without actually accomplishing anything, there are a few things I've started doing. Without fail, these quick tips help me feel so much better right away!

  1. Turn my phone on silent.
  2. Add essential oils to an oil warmer.
  3. Drink a glass of water with lemon or apple cider vinegar.
  4. Set the kids up with a snack and an activity. (Many times, I get overwhelmed and then realize it's because the kids are stir-crazy and just running around aimlessly being noisy. That's all in good fun sometimes, but I often don't have direction until I give them direction!)
  5. Straighten up the room I'm working in. Clutter drives me nuts – a very quick tidy-up (literally, like 5 minutes is all) helps tremendously.
  6. Prioritize. Next, I take a look at my Teux Deux list and figure out what the most important thing on there for me to do next is. If it's on the computer, I close out all tabs and programs except for what I need to do that task. If it's something around the house, I settle in right away to do that task, setting a timer for the amount of time I think it will take. When I'm trying to beat the timer, it's easier to stay on task.

Nothing completely groundbreaking here, but it's what works for me!

Do you ever have a hard time staying focused? How do you like to “snap back?”


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16 Responses

  1. Megan Stevens

    I love the conclusion of this article with your 6 quick tips. I can really relate to them and they are so well thought out, thorough, and therefore obviously effective, even right down to having the kiddos occupied. Thanks for giving insight to your productivity.

  2. linda spiker

    I don’t use EO’s often but love to put some on my hands at the beginning of yoga practice and breath it in. It really does help with focus and relxation!

  3. Faith

    My favorite essential oil for all things tummy-related & to boost my mental clarity is Peppermint!

  4. heather

    I use lemon, lavender and myrrh together for clarity and focusing. I am going to try rosemary next, because I absolutely love that smell!

  5. Loriel

    I love the steps you take to come back to mental clarity. I think even if you weren’t focusing on mental clarity, just the fact of taking a moment does wonders for the soul. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amanda

    This is a wonderful article. I use essential oils a lot. Mostly either in my diffuser or in my necklace (and a super big THANK YOU for mentioning them here, I really appreciate that!). But I tend to focus on anti-sickness blends in the diffuser to keep my family healthy during the different seasons. In my necklace I tend to use calming or elevating blends or straight oils. I never really focus on…well, focus. And it’s a great concept. Working from home, with two 5 year olds, I obviously can use help in that area! I just got ginger essential oil, and I will try it now, as a focus oil, per your suggestion. Thanks for an informative article.

  7. Melissa

    I love lemon and sometime oregano, but I have never tried them for focus, though the situation described in the blog is very similar to mine (well, almost everyday I face this when I need to concentrate on my work most). I think I should try the blend and also the steps mentioned here, thanks so much Kylie.

  8. Randy Carr

    Great ideas. I use a blend of equal parts certified organic vetiver, lavender, and atlas cedar essential oils. Seems to work well.

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