Don’t Spray Your Dandelions! Do this instead.

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Dandelions are starting to pop up all over my yard. I welcome the happy little yellow reminders that spring really has sprung and I can put away the snow boots.

There are so many real uses for dandelions - don't spray them, do this!

I know it's really common to spray dandelions with roundup and be rid of them. I'm going to be putting them to good use instead – there are a bunch of great uses for dandelions!

Whether you're eating them, or using them on your skin – pesticides are not your friend. Don't harvest dandelions anywhere chemicals are sprayed!

Have you ever tried any of these ideas or heard of other uses for dandelions?

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Kylie Wiser is an herbalist, writer, and educator on plant-based living. She founded Everblossom in 2009.

12 Responses

  1. Jessica

    Hooray for dandelions!!! Yes, they always signify the end of a cold season…finally closing that chapter and opening a new, warmer one. 🙂

    I have made coffee with them before (yum!), infused them into body products, but have not eaten them yet. We have a dandelion smoothie recipe on our site, but I have yet to try it. Thank you for reminding me…I’m going to give it a go! OH…and I have not made wine, but am intrigued!!!

    Great post and very timely. 🙂

  2. carol

    Novel ideas on using dandelions. I’ve been putting them in my smoothies and after reading this post, I will try them in my salad. The dandelion root “coffee” sounds interesting. Thanks!

  3. Cat

    I love dandelion coffee! It’s the closest (and healthiest) alternative I’ve found to the real deal.

  4. Sue D

    I always like dandelions for our honey bees and this year for the first time I made dandelion jelly.

  5. Lisa

    I am trying the following wine recipe now: I just racked it off the lees at the 3 week mark and it is a beautiful yellow. I expect it to clear over the summer and may be ready for a taste around Thanksgiving. There are many recipes that use citrus as the acid. I opted to use the wine acid blend (partly because I had it on hand from my experiments with my grapes and partly because I wanted to taste the dandelion instead of lemon or orange).

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