VOLO – spiritual MLM that has the internet buzzing

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So, what's Volo? “Spiritual MLM” is their self-descriptive phrase. In fact, the company is described on their website as “The World's First Spiritual MLM.” Volo is a new multi level marketing company that's getting a lot of attention. Currently in what they call their pre pre launch phase, they're actively recruiting founding members and independent coaches.

The sign up fees for coaches range from $60 to $555, depending on the status and benefits members would prefer. Members who sign up under the higher priced tier gain the status of “founding members” of Volo.

Spiritual MLM Products

So what's the product?

VOLO currently lists 2 online courses on their products page:

  1. Happiness as a Habit
  2. Soul Warrior Cleanse

The company aims to become a hub for digital spiritual resources and courses: “workouts for your mind and soul.

“We're on a mission to raise the world's vibration. We want to make people just like you happier, more fulfilled and more successful in all areas of their lives. We believe that if you can change yourself, you can change the world. Volo is more than just your normal company. Volo is a worldwide movement.” – ThisIsVolo.com

Volo is developing additional courses on topics such as:

  • Happiness

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Crystal Energy

  • Manifestation

  • Law Of Attraction

  • Mindset

  • Time Management

  • Relationships

  • Abundance

A physical product, the Ultimate Law of Attraction Planner, is also in development.

Volo: Spiritual MLM Company Info

Volo's advisory board is made up of 6 business people with various ties to the network marketing and wellness industries.

Volo had trouble in recent weeks accepting payments due to the large and rapid number of sign ups but has since upgraded to a new system.

Volo: Future Outlook

A lot of people are excited about the opportunity with Volo. As of this writing, their opportunity group on Facebook has over 2000 members.

A couple concerns:

  • The company outwardly seems more concerned with recruitment than with product development. However, it's much to early to tell if this is really the case or if there is simply a lot of behind the scenes production happening. Time will tell!
  • Similar to essential oil MLMs, there is a risk of “instant experts” coming out of Volo that do more harm than good if they're not trained properly. Just like joining an essential oil company does not make one an aromatherapist, joining a spiritual MLM is not going to qualify someone to act as a spiritual advisor. Hopefully Volo will provide great training for their coaches so that they can serve within their expertise and not beyond it.

It's early for Volo, but this new company is definitely one to watch this year.

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