Ways to Use Herbs

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1. Tea – A tea is simply a water infusion – herbs can be steeped in hot water to make a tea. You can steep herbs for a short about of time or for much longer (such as overnight) – the longer the herbs are allowed to steep, the more potent your tea will be.

Rosemary tea

2. Tincture: herbs are soaked in alcohol for several weeks, creating an herbal tincture.

Here are 10 helpful herbal tinctures to keep around for common ailments!

3. Essential oil: herbs are distilled into essential oils using a steam distillation process; these oils are usually incorporated into creams, essential oil burners (vaporizers) or diffusers , massage oils , etc.

essential oil bottle

4. Poultice / Compress: herbs mixed with water, diluted vinegar (acetic acid), or another solvent are applied directly to the skin for local treatment of whatever ails you; herbs can also be added directly to bathwater or soaked in boiling water and then wrung out as a compress which is placed on the body.

5. Hot/Cold packs: herbs that have been prepared by steeping in boiling / cold water, frozen into ice cubes , etc., can be used as hot or cold packs ; herbs can also be placed directly onto specific points of the body to help treat ailments, such as headaches .

6. Tablets: herbs can also be made into herbal tablets or capsules for ease of use and convenience.


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