What does your sleep position say about you?

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When we’re asleep it is the only time when we are fully relaxed and when our bodies are at their most honest and vulnerable. Body language experts believe our sleeping position can symbolise characteristics in our personality and communicate things we wouldn’t say in the day.
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According to body language expert Robert Phipps, there are 4 main types of sleep positions. 

The foetal position is the most common sleeping position. This is when you have your knees curled up to your chest, your arms tucked in together and the head lowered. People who sleep in this position are returning to a safe comfort zone to de-stress themselves. Foetal sleepers are conscientious, ordered but tend to overthink things and worry without reason. Foetal sleepers often deal with the previous day’s issues whilst asleep.

The log is a position where the sleeper is fully stretched and extends their head, neck, arms and body into a straight line. This is said to symbolise a rigid and inflexible thinker who makes things hard for themselves. Loggers are said to be stubborn and like things done their own way which can make them come across as bossy. Loggers need to try to relax more and let their muscles unwind.
The yearner is a sleep position where people sleep with their arms outstretched as though they're chasing their dreams. People who sleep in this way want more from life and are willing to embrace change and grab opportunities. Yearners criticise themselves and expect amazing results from everything they do. Yearners however should make sure they spend time chasing things which are worthwhile.
The freefaller is a position where the individual is outstretched flat onto their stomach with their hands gripping the pillow. Freefallers may feel as though they’re out of control, that life is going on around them and they’re just holding on for the ride. Freefallers can wake up feeling anxious that they haven’t completed something from the previous day. Freefallers need to take control of each new day and take minor steps to deal with something. 

These single positions tell us about our personality but what about when we sleep with a partner? Here are some findings:

Couples' Sleep Styles

When couples sleep side by side and are curled up with one another in the foetal position, it symbolises a loving relationship and is often done in the honeymoon period. This position is also known as “spooning” and is a sign of affection. If the male is behind, it traditionally symbolises a protective partner. The woman behind a male indicates that the relationship is a nurturing one.
If you sleep facing each other it symbolises a relationship where each person craves the other. This is a position that people normally resort to early on in a relationship. If you sleep back to back this can symbolise a lack of closeness or that individuals are more independent in their relationship. This is also known as the aftermath of an argument position. It’s a signal to your partner that you don’t want affection and want to go to sleep.
Looking at our sleep styles is a fun way to get an insight into our personalities and relationships. 

What kind of sleeper are you? Turns out, I'm a Foetal sleeper – and the description here is definitely accurate!

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