Why I let my daughter wear makeup even though she’s “too young”

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Whenever I'm putting on makeup, it's like Evelyn's spidey senses go off. She's right by my side within minutes, peering into my makeup box at all the colorful potions and powders.

“Mom, can you put some makeup on me?”

Yes, sweet girl, I sure can.

I have heard soooo much criticism around makeup for little girls. I've heard that it sends a bad message, will damage their self-esteem, that it's sexualizing children, that it will ruin her skin, and on and on.

I don't believe any of that nonsense.

In fact, I believe that imposing age limits on makeup is far more damaging than joyfully letting her wear it.

If we tell a little girl she's not allowed to wear makeup because ‘she doesn't need it,' then begin allowing her to as a teenager – what message are we sending her?

Now she does need it.

Now that men are starting to look at her, she is allowed to decorate herself.

What others say about how she cares for her body is more important than how she feels and what she wants.

I'm not interested in sending any of those messages to my daughters.

I believe in a much more positive approach toward self decoration. One that's about feeling good about ourselves and about playfulness, not about “fixing” ourselves up for others.

I've never pushed makeup or even suggested to Evelyn that she wear it. I simply respond to her wanting to, and it's the same approach I'll take with Chloe. It's their choice, not mine.

One thing that helps me feel so much more confident about this approach is that I keep my makeup collection pretty clean. So many products out there do have toxic ingredients – so of course I wouldn't feel good about putting those on my daughters.

Fortunately, green beauty is booming and there are tons of fun, nontoxic options out there that I feel totally safe using on myself and my little girl.

Creme de la Creme Eye Shadow in Addiction

Lately, we've been enjoying Au Naturale Cosmetics. I love that their products are totally free of parabens, animal by-products, and toxins. We both love the high quality and beautiful colors they have available.

The All-Glowing Creme Highlighter in Celestial

Both of these have generous amounts of product and very high quality packaging, so I know they'll last a long time. I also feel confident tossing these in my bag without worrying about them coming open or getting damaged. That's always a plus!

Another clean makeup brands we love is 100% Pure!




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