Why I Love Himalayan Pink Salt

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When most people hear the word “salt,” they think of sodium chloride. This is what is commonly sold in stores, and usually has one or more of the following added to it: calcium silicate (anti-caking agent), dextrose (sugar), and iodine.

Himalayan salt is different. It comes from an old lake bed (the lake evaporated in the past) in northern Pakistan at the base of the Himalayan mountains. Its crystal structure is not unlike precious gems, and proponents of the salt make all sorts of claims about its benefits. Here are some of the suggested uses and benefits of Himalayan salt.

Himalayan pink salt is GORGEOUS but also has a lot of health benefits.  Here are a few...

Lower Blood Pressure
In small doses, Himalayan pink salts have been found to lower blood pressure and increase circulation.

Spider Veins
Because of its ability to improve circulation, these salts can help prevent and improve the appearance of spider veins. There is also evidence that it can help clear out arteries.

Detoxing the Body
These salts have been known to flush out the body of unwanted toxins and cleanse the body.

Less Sodium than Table Salt
Since Himalayan salt is unrefined and remains in its crystal structure, there is much less sodium per teaspoon than regular table salt.

Therapeutic Bath
Adding Himalayan pink salt to bath water can offer relief for sore muscles and provide many nourishing minerals for your skin. In addition, this type of bath is relaxing and stress relieving.

Natural Source of Iodine
Unlike table salts that have iodine added to them, Himalayan salts provide a natural source of iodine to support important bodily functions such as thyroid function.

Improve Digestion
The nutrients in these salts can aid the digestive track in absorbing other nutrients. As a side benefit, a more efficient digestive tract can help with weight loss and improve your overall well-being.

Prevent Muscle Cramps
The electrolytes in these salts is one of its greatest benefits. Pink salts both can prevent and ease muscle cramps by keeping the body hydrated.

Reduce Acid Reflux
Himalayan pink salts can be used as a natural antacid by mixing one teaspoon of the salts into a full glass of water at room temperature and drinking.

Strengthen Bones
The minerals in Himalayan pink salts help maintain bone strength and can improve conditions such as arthritis or broken bones.

Himalayan pink salt is GORGEOUS but also has a lot of health benefits.  Here are a few...

Himalayan salt can be used in fine crystal form as a substitute for table salt as well.

All salt is not created equal. The refined, iodized, commercial salt sold in stores is a far cry from natural Himalayan salt. Don't try to subsititute commercial salt in any of the above suggestions – it's entirely different, and could cause problems if used as described above.


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    Thanks, Kylie! I love good mineral-rich pink salt and didn’t know it could be used to reduce acid reflux! So many healing properties. 🙂

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