5 natural deodorants I’ve used: a comparison

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I've tried dozens of different deodorants and antiperspirants over the years, including versions I've made myself. Most of them have been a huge disappointment.

Which is such a shame, because: wellness. 

Why Use a Natural Deodorant?

Aluminum, which is used in conventional antiperspirants as the main active ingredient, is linked to breast cancer.

I'm also wary of the concept of antiperspirant in general. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that blocking sweat glands could lead to health issues. Sweating is one of the ways our bodies get rid of toxins, and we inhibit that with antiperspirants.

I've tried a few different brands with mixed results.

Crystal Deodorant Stone – This one works really well to eliminate odor and lasts for about 12 hours. I do still sweat a lot with this.

Nubian Heritage – I love the way their deodorants smell and they go on so smoothly. This formula does absorb some sweat so it feels really good to use. 

Primal Pit Paste – Smells great, but I don't like the way it feels to put on and don't find that it works all that well. 

Gypsy Deo – of course! I do like my Gypsy Deo. Witch hazel extract is gentle on the skin while eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Clary sage offers a fresh scent. It's all good. 

A lemon wedge – I really loved coming across this tip over the summer: lemon juice as deodorant. You can keep a lemon wedge in the fridge to use for a few days. Just make sure you label it so no one squeezes your armpit lemon into their tea…

Gypsy deo, one of the 5 natural deodorants in this comparison.

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