How to do self care when you’re sick

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I just got over the worst cold I've had in a long time. I don't get sick all that often so I think I'm a bigger baby about it than is really called for when I do get sick.

Side-note: Dealing with a cold and morning sickness at the same time is not very much fun. At all. I pray that you never have to confirm that yourself.

Anyway, so while I was being a baby I tried to take care of myself as best I could. I slept a lot, took some baths and drank lots of warm things. The three main things that got me through were lemon water, putting garlic on everything and eucalyptus oil!

Lemon Water

Drinking water with lemon is really good for you whether you are sick or not, since it's alkalizes our pH level, which, for most of us is usually too acidic! I like it when I'm sick, warm and with a dollop of honey since it makes my throat feel so much better.
Garlic is an amazing remedy! It has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it really works to fight whatever's in your body making you sick and to prevent illness as well. Some people take garlic tablets to get those benefits. I love it, so I simply eat lots of garlic-y foods in the winter and especially when I'm sick.
Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus is like a breath of fresh air when you're all stuffed up – literally. It clears everything out like magic. (I won't get too graphic.) I was putting it in my bath, making my all natural vapor rub, and even just warming it in my oil burner. Eucalyptus is my best friend when I'm sick.

What about you? How do you baby yourself when you're under the weather?


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