Witches chime in on Sephora’s new ‘Starter Witch Kits’

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When Sephora announced that they'd be releasing $42 “Starter Witch Kits” this year, you could actually hear the collective eyeroll from the spiritual community. Many pagans who identify as witches feel strongly against what feels like exploitation of their beliefs.

Supporting small businesses first

“Please support small business witches who put love, skill, and care into the products they craft, and not corporations exploiting spirituality for profit. “-Dana Newkirk  

“The reason I'm transparent about what goes into the creation of *actual* magical materials is to show someone who comes home from Sephora with their newfound witch kit how magic can be SO MUCH MORE than a hunk of rose quartz and a questionably sourced sage bundle. And remember — everyone starts somewhere.

Many good witches will be born from this trend, and others will never pick up a sage bundle again.

The point is, YOU deserve their money.

Not Sephora.

Do good work and market it well. Make this late capitalist hellscape your bitch, on your terms. Let the #witchesofinstagram light the way! And by that, I mean LITERALLY pay your utility bill.” -Kaitlin Coppock, Sphere + Sundry

My spirituality is not a trend.

“This is just wrong! I've had to keep the truth about me being a practitioner (bruja) quiet for a long time for fear of not being accepted…. Being a witch is not a trend! It is a spiritual way of life, a belief system, a learned & practiced culture. Passed down by family in most cases. I learned much of what I do from my Grandmother.” –Denise Garcia

The kit is a rip off.

“On the one hand, we don't really have a consistent culture in the Pagan community that can really be “appropriated.” But why the Frigg would anyone pay $42 for some sage, a crystal, some dubious oils, and a cheap tarot deck.” –Brian Russell

This isn't the first time spiritual trends have raised eyebrows when it comes to ethics. The eco-impact of crystals and the sustainability of white sage (commonly used in “smudging” rituals) are two other issues that come to mind.

Whether you're for or against big businesses or an advertising agency offering spiritual goods, it's important to be mindful about what you choose to support. You might opt to shop with smaller businesses, source or create your own supplies, or go minimal to sidestep the issue altogether.


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