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Extracted from the Cananga orodate genuine flower, ylang ylang oil has been used for generations for a wide range of health and beauty purposes. If you've ever smelled ylang ylang essential oil, you understand why it is a common ingredient in perfumes and other beauty products. It smells absolutely divine! Ylang ylang oil also has some substantial therapeutic properties.

These essential oil books will help you learn more about using EOs in your home, health, and beauty routine!

A Little History Behind Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The Canangna orodate genuine plant is a tall tree that grows in the tropics, mostly in the islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The name Ylang-Ylang comes from the Tagalog word “ilang,” which means wilderness, referring to its habitat. Alternatively, it may also come from the word “ilan-ilan,” which means rare, which may describe its exceptionally sweet and delicate scent.

The flowers of the tree are freshly picked and distilled by steam or water to produce sweet and exotic smelling oil. Experts say that the best time to pick the flowers is early in the morning.

Once picked, the flowers are then distilled several times. The resultant oils separated into different grades. The oil from the first pressing is called “extra,” while the ones following that are then classified as 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Therapeutic Uses Of Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang-ylang oil is known for numerous therapeutic properties, affecting the mind and the body:

Ylang Ylang For The Mind – The oil produces a sedative and euphoric effect on the nervous system, helping reduce anxiety, nervousness, panic and fear. It also helps calm down rapid breathing and heartbeat. It is relaxing in nature and can also work as an anti-depressive. It can also uplift moods and promote feelings of happiness and joy. Its calming properties also reduce the occurrence of insomnia.

Ylang Ylang For The Body – The oil is anti-septic in nature and protects skin from infections caused by fungus, viruses and bacteria. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and anti-sebum effect, helping treat skin conditions like acne and seborrhea. It also has nervine properties and helps strengthen the nervous system. It is also known for being an aphrodisiac. 😉

How To Use Ylang Ylang Oil

Vapor therapy – Vapor therapy can be done by putting a few drops of the oil in a burner or diffuser. This allows you to inhale the steam for aromatherapy benefits.
Hot bath – Putting a few oils in a tub full of water also releases vapor. It is recommended that you add a little bit of milk or alcohol to disperse the oil on the water surface, preventing it from sensitizing your skin.
Skin Care ProductsYlang Ylang essential oil can be added to base creams, lotions and oils and can be applied directly on the skin. The oil or lotion can be applied to parts of the body that need care. It can also be applied on the temples to help relieve headaches.

Some Precautions

Ylang-ylang blends well with most essential oils, especially grapefruit, lavender, bergamot and sandalwood. The oil is non-toxic and non-irritating. However, too much ylang ylang oil can cause nausea and headaches, especially for those who are sensitive to sweet or rich scents.


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  1. Xaka

    I’m glad you posted this. I have a body/loc butter recipe that I’ve used for a decade or so and it calls for ylang-ylang, but I’ve never been a fan of it, so when I ran out, I never replaced it. Recently, I’ve been considering buying some, again, but I didn’t really know what ylang-ylang does and I didn’t remember to research it when online. I guess the Universe thinks it’s time for me to add some ylang-ylang back into my life and used you to educate me. Love the way that works! Thanks!

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